It All Started With A Keyboard, A Mouse, And A Completely Reckless Sense Of Optimism!

A wise man probably once said “You have to walk before you can run.” That is sound advice in most situations, but not in this one. You see, I have never written a blog, a review, or anything really. Truth be told I haven’t even read a blog before. I believed at first doing some homework on these forms of publications would be a great help. Unfortunately thats all I did. I thought. I did add a background, and a header to my page, but that was it. Not a single word magically appeared onto my screen. So I steeled my nerves, and slid my computer chair up to the keyboard. Now with my chair into position. My mind was ablaze, but again only with more questions. Where to start, do I want to say this or that etc…. Out of frustration (or sleepiness) I closed my eyes. Finally, just like that the lights came on. There it was. One thought with only one word Gordon! What would the one free man do in a situation with only a idea, a desire, but no direction? Well everyone knows Gordon would grab a crowbar with both hands. He would wade in swinging with white knuckled furiosity until the smoke slowly clears and only he remains. With blood on his face and determination in his heart Gordon Freeman would step over the broken bodies of the destroyed enemies he laid low. Only to head down a long asphalt road alone. His crowbar in hand. Ready to face what ever obstacles come between him, and his final destination. With a smile on my face ,and fire in my eyes I said aloud “Fuck yea.” “I’m going to be Gordon Freeman!”


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