Does The Horn Of Plenty Hold What You Crave?

     The landscape of Geekdom is abundant, and vast. A place where the word geek is not meant to be derogatory; on the contrary, it’s a badge of honor forged out of DVD-Rs with the words “Don’t Panic” engraved on its reflective blue underbelly. The scholars of this land debate the difficult questions. For example who would win a  fight Batman or Superman, also the unanswerable which is better Godfather or Godfather II, and finally why is the answer 42? The citizens of this utopia decorate their walls with motherboards and graphics card. Displaying them as modern art masterpieces for all the world to admire. The enlighten people of this ample land climb on their rooftops every six month in a mass display of appreciation. They raise a one solitary fist into the air. With a unified voice they cheer a single name to the heavens with such intensity the ground rumbles beneath them, and that name is…………………… Well I think thats enough of that. I’m sure this ranting is annoying to read after a bit. Anyway  Wooderson’s Cornucopia Of Geekdom is a publication which  focuses on PC hardware, movies, and events that would be considered unusual to some, but welcome all.

ImageWhat a difference a window mod makes.

PC hardware, modding, and gaming is a passion of mine. I will review PC components as I’m able (or can afford to lol), but this is not too realistic for me. A better approach to this subject is to discuss the hardware’s capabilities, release dates, and all around tech talk. Modding is amazing! Be it PC or everyday items. It is a eye opening experience when you see what can be done with very little tools, and some determination, I have a modded a Cooler Master HAF-X case (I will post a build log later). Almost anytime someone enters my living room for the first time they ask “What is that” ,“That a computer?”, “That looks amazing”, “You should sell those”. You get such positive reinforcement it makes you want to mod everyday. Finally there’s gaming. I wouldn’t be involved in any of this if not for PC gaming (that story would make for a good post on a later date). I love gaming! I own around a hundred and fifty games in my Steam library. That number is in a continuous state of growing. My game of choice right now is Tribes Ascend. Ironically it is a free to play fps. Anyone who is even remotely competent at W,A,S,D should start playing this immediately. I will review games, talk release dates, screenshots, beta announcements pretty much anything game related. The world of pc is a great place to indulge your inner geek.

ImageThis film make skinny Asian females absolutely terrifying!

In my opinion one of the absolute best ways to spend a couple of  hours is watching a good movie. I want to divide my movies category into two sections. The first being whatever I’ve watch, and  think would be good to write about. The second category is a list that most people will find excessively offensive. (story time) I watched a film called Audition years ago, and the last half hour of the film unsettled me a bit. After that on an occasion I would see a post about someone being unable to finishing a particular film, and of course someone would try to one up the original poster suggesting an even more disturbing film. So I would watch both of the films suggested. I ran into a list that I consider very complete ( the list will be posted at a later date). Some films off this list that I have already seen are: Audition, 8mm, Cannibal Holocaust, Ichi The Killer, Irreversible, Oldboy, A Clockwork Orange, Martyrs, Inside, Deadgirl, and more. I decided when I started this blog that I would watch, and review films from this list. I have never turned off a film due to how disturbing the subject matter is, or due to it just being a bad movie. I will watch the films from start to finish,and give my honest opinion of the film’s worth.. In a attempt at decency I will post no pictures that contains ultraviolence in my blog, Furthermore the title of the film will be marked with the word disturbing in parentheses. A word of caution to anyone reading that decides to watch a film off the list. Some images you see in these films you can’t unsee. They will become flash fried into your memory lingering for a few days, and some for even longer. I do not know what all of these films are about. You could go into the move with no outside info on the film’s plot, and stumble across something you never wanted to see. You have been warned. On a lighter note these will not be the only reviews I will be posting. I intend to post up movie reviews from all genres.Just in case remember to close your eyes and say “It’s only a movie”. Repeat this until the shaking stops, and the nausea subsides.

A small LAN at Plague’s house.

Now on to my favorite part of Geekdom.Without a doubt it’s the community. It is awesome to run into someone with the same interest as yourself. I met a guy the other day that has logged over five hundred hours into The Elder Scrolls Oblivion, and is over three hundred hours in Skyrim! Skyrim isn’t even a year old yet. This daedra slaying mad man also has a tatoo on his forearm displaying a skyrim symbol and a word of power. This unique piece of ink runs from elbow to wrist. This was a enjoyable chance encounter with another resident of geekdom. The problem with that is unfortunately it is such a rare occurrence. Never fear though because great minds think alike. That means that even though PC people are by nature very solitary individuals, they do like to gather in groups with people of similar interest and game. This friends and neighbours is where LAN parties come into the equation. This event exists when a group of PC gamers gather to play some multiplayer games, and hangout. My first Lans were small consisting of four to five people. When a good friend of my discovered LanOC, this changed everything for the better. The last LanOC event (v10) sold out two months early with a total of one hundred and twenty participants. That’s a rather impressive collection of pc gamers. These events hold tournaments, PC mod contest, and even gain corporate sponsorship. The sponsorship allows for raffles to be held. In the end you have a group of like minded individuals receiving swag, winning prizes, showing artistic ability with PC case mods, and last but not least proving their dominance as gamers in tournaments. The sum of all the part equals a whole helluva of a good time.

ImageLanOC v.10 So that what 120 PC gamers looks like

    Wooderson’s Cornucopia Of Geekdom is a publication which  focuses on PC hardware, movies, and events that would be considered unusual to some, but welcome all. Thats the basics of what I want to concentrate my topics on. I will also bring up comics, music, and novels from time to time. In the end what I want to create a place for all my unique interest can be displayed to whoever is watching. I will blend pop culture, technology, and possibly the strange until a kaleidoscope of interesting colors and shapes explode off the screen. Thus producing a safe, non judgemental utopia where all are welcome. Geekdom is starting to take shape and the horn is beginning to fill. So what do you crave?


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