If You Like Tron, You’ll Love EL Wire!



     EL wire is a thin flexible cable that radiates light at a 360 degree angle. Most traditional lights (Christmas lights, or meteor lights)  have bright points along a wire; however, EL wire produces a constant stream of light the runs across the entire length of the cable. The EL wire is surrounded by a transparent or colored PVC outer sleeve which determines the light’s color. For those of you curious as to what else EL wire consists of here is a diagram for your perusing. For a more detailed description of EL wire’s structure please consult the electroluminescent wire wikipedia page at this link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electroluminescent_wire


Commence Perusing

    I bet you’re asking yourself about now “Self, Why is Wooderson going on and on about this fascinating wire light thingy?” Well friends and neighbours that is because (are you ready for this) you can make Tron inspired clothing! I know. I know. Calm down. Breath. Good there you go, and again. Ok are you good? Very well, now onto the pics.

Image For HerImageFor Him Wait thats not right!


 What if Trons not your thing?  


No worries maybe backpacks are more you speed?

No, well then, how about you bike, or car perhaps?Image


Do you like dresses? 


You could always cover your friends and family in EL wire? After all whats the worst that could happen (Yep their at Burning Man)


     Perhaps you have a transformer at home thats needing some bling, or a mannequin who deep down inside always wanted to be a fairy in a bikini, or well those guys? The point behind all of this is EL wire is a unique commodity. It has the uncanny ability to be molded into almost anything, or accent preexisting facets of your everyday life. After all what self respecting citizen of Geekdom wouldn’t want to stroll down the road in the dead of night appearing to be something out of a science fiction novel? You can find tutorials to this and more at these links. Enjoy. http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-Tron-Costumes/  or http://hacknmod.com/hack/how-to-make-your-clothing-glow-using-electroluminescent-wire/


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