LanOC v.11: Good Games + A Great Community = One Awesome Time! September 1st & 2nd 2012


That’s right friends and neighbors of Geekdom, Its almost time. Time to pack up my rig. Time to say a sad goodbye to my wife and kids. Time to wake up at the crack of dawn (well not quite), and drive the three hours to Van Wert, Ohio. Does it sound like a lot to go through just for a Lan? Maybe for some Lans, but definitely not for LanOC. I would drive twice as far, climb a mountain, and battle a rabid wolverine to the death armed with only a spork if need be, after all its LanOC. With over a hundred tickets sold already, its a impressive sight to see in person. At LanOC v.11 there will be tournaments, raffles/prizes, and of course everyone (new or old) in the community, all signs point to another fantastic event.

This time around the tournaments that will be played are: League Of Legends, Worms Reloaded, Tribes Ascend, and the always entertaining “old school tournament”. League of Legends is one of the most popular free to play MOBAs around. The LOL turney is a 5v5 single elimination match, and the map chosen for this strategic battle to unfold on is the  appropriately named “Proving Grounds”. The Worms Reloaded match is a four person free for all on a randomly generated map. Everyone gets four worms, last player with any left wins. If you haven’t played Worms think chess with a lot of hilarity. Next is my personal favorite Tribes Ascend! Tribes Ascend is a free to play first person shooter. With its old school style of gameplay ,reminiscent of Unreal 2004, and a unique movement system referred to as “skiing” Tribes Ascend is a game that stands out amongst modern day shooters.The Tribes turney is a  random teams 5v5 single elimination arena match, and the maps are Lava Arena, Walled in, and Air Arena. It is played as a three round team deathmatch, and should result in some intense Tribes action. Last but not least is the old school turney. This tournament is a seriously good time. Every participant at the Lan stops by to take a peek at this.It is usualy displayed on a wall via projector making it easy for all to see. The game will not be announced until the time of the tournament. This keeps everyone from practicing, maintaining a just for fun feel to this one. The games I have seen played in the past are familiar to all gamers. Off the top of my head some examples are Excitebike, Mario Kart, and even Pac Man. LanOC tournaments are always great to participate in, entertaining to watch, but above all are intended to be fun.


LanOC v.10

    Another factor in my complete LanOC experience is Raffles! Every person that attends a LanOC event fills out a raffle ticket upon arrival. Then at some point you see the prize tables. Two eight foot tables filled with your wildest PC desires. From that second on, everytime you leave the Lan your main concern will be “What time is the next raffle”, and the dreaded “Drive faster! We’re not going to miss the next raffle because you needed more Monster” Each raffle has a start time that is posted and that schedule will control your life for the next two days. Its all worth it when you win that expensive full tower, or a shiney new SSD. None of this would be possible without the great support that the sponsors show LanOC. I don’t know what is on the prize tables at v.11, on the other hand, a list of the sponsors are as follows: Trendnet, P3 Computers, Cooler Master, Kingston, Gameskulls,, C.P.U Magazine, Systemax,  Corsair, Western Digital, Gigabyte, Rosewell, TP Link, Raidmax, Antec, Steelseries, Seagate, NZXT, Intel, Prolimatech, Hi-Rez Studios, and In-Win. I hope I didn’t forget anyone, but you have to admit its a pretty impressive list. A big thanks to all the sponsors as well. Prizes are not the reason I go to LanOC, but it is a great time standing there with your fingers hypothetically crossed, with that  “Hope I take home that one big ticket item” anticipation.. After all sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose, but it sure is fun to play the raffle game.

The main reason I go to LanOC is the community. Sounds kinda lame, doesn’t it, but trust me its not. The first LanOC I attended was v.6. A friend of mine heard about LanOC, and we had only been having four or five man Lans at each others houses. So we jumped in the car and headed off on a road trip to Van Wert. I met the staff and a few other gamers, and it compounded from there. Now LanOC gamers are the majority of people on my Steam friends list. They are the people I game with, talk on vent with, and communicate with on the forums. It is a strong community that broadens everyday.


Tell me you wouldn’t want to get to know this guy at the LanOC.

    Finally, There it is. LanOC v.11 will be a great time. People come for the experience, the tournaments, and prizes, but they come back for the community. The event consist of more than I discussed here. There’s plenty more: the case mod contest, possibly some tabletop games, and any kind of multiplayer game you can think of. I will post on my blog while at the event, and if you want a truly unique Lan experience take a road trip on September 1st, and 2nd to Van Wert, Ohio. You can find out the detales at, ot the event page, and Facebook  Who knows maybe I will see you there!


 If you see this guy at LanOC stop and say hi.


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